Pinjarra Swimming Club     ... Home of the Piranhas!


At PSC we believe that every member, whether old or new, is a valuable asset to our club.


If you would like to join or get involved in a Fun, Friendly and Competitive club then have a read through our site and feel free to make contact. We would love to hear from you.


Swimming is a fantastic way to make new friends and get fit at the same time. So why not get involved by heading to the pool 4:30pm Monday, Tuesday or Thursdays for the coach to find you a suitable squad to try.


The first two weeks training sessions are free!


Entry into the squad is that the swimmer will have met all the requirements of the Intermediate Squad or at the discretion of the coaches.


Criteria for entry into this squad will be based around performance in the following:


400m plus in Freestyle  With technique in multiple sets
Breaststroke  Multiples of 100’s with minimum rest intervals
Backstroke  Multiple backups with rest intervals
I.M.s  Correct stroke and changeovers increasing in distance
Be confident of swimming these strokes / distances in competition


Swimmers must arrive early before they do their water session.  During this time they must do their dry land stretching and strengthening exercises.


Training equipment that the swimmer must bring to pool deck:


  • Goggles (and spare if required), water bottle, flippers, own paddles and log book.


Training objectives:


  • Healthy eating habits
  • Increased volume of work with stroke progression
  • Stroke counting with distance per stroke in race pace work.
  • Desire for personal improvement with goal setting – (self commitment)
  • Training method knowledge.


Swimmers should make themselves available for all sessions. When more pool time becomes available, because of the increase in membership, the current swimmers hopefully will be given more training sessions.  Your coach will contact you when the time comes.


Training should include water sessions and dry land sessions i.e. gym work.

Murray Aquatic & Leisure Centre

16 Camp Rd

PO Box 690

Pinjarra, WA 6208

Available; Mon- Thurs 4pm-7:30pm

Fri 4pm-6:00pm