Storms Squad


Entry into the squad is that the swimmer must have passed Level / Stage 7 in Royal Life Saving Swimming Programs and the certificate needs to be sited and it will be at the Head Coach's discretion after an assessment.


50m Freestyle

 Ensure correct breathing technique

50m Breaststroke

 Have proper and legal leg kick

50m Backstroke

 Correct arm stroke with patter kick

Tumble turn 

 Intent of a forward roll as sometimes referred to


 Not necessarily a requirement


Swimmers must arrive early before they do their water session.  During this time they must do their dry land stretching and strengthening exercises. 


Training equipment that the swimmer must bring to pool deck:
Goggles (and spare if required), water bottle and flippers.


Training objectives:


  • Skills and drills of all four (4) strokes.
  • Speed and endurance work.
  • Starts, turns and finishes of all strokes including Individual Medley changeovers.
  •  Maintaining breathing and technique in all strokes.


Training will be a minimum of two (2) sessions per week.

Murray Aquatic & Leisure Centre

16 Camp Rd

PO Box 690

Pinjarra, WA 6208

Available; Mon- Thurs 4pm-7:30pm

Fri 4pm-6:00pm